(As they are used in Spiritual Training Courses)


The Inexactness of Hue-manimal Language

There is this funny thing about the words we say to each other…

The big question is…

When you feel that you are…”meaning what you say…” are you really…”saying what you mean?” And when you feel like you are “saying what you mean…” are you really “meaning what you say?

Or is it mostly that everyone around you is thinking…”Uh, your lips are moving…but I see what you don’t mean?

Is the Truth ever More than a Hue-man Perception of Truth?

What is the “truth” in what we say to each other?

The language we use to speak to each other has never been an exact science. And even the language that scientists use to communicate with each other conveys only the exactness of meaning within the present comprehension of the circumscribed limits of hue-man language itself.

Hue-man language is ever-momentarily evolving–always from the simple to the complex before it ever evolves back to the simple emotional thought-constructs which may convey great meaning within the fewest possible words.

And even then…is the great meaning conveyed within the fewest possible words ever more than a fossilized spoken thought construct of the actual living experience within?

The Gulf between the Inner and the Outer

There is a gulf between the inner experience with truth and the attempted outer expression of truth as a “conceptual ideal.” Depending on how primitive or how evolved the individual’s use of language is, this determines whether the gulf between the inner experience and the outer expression is as wide and deep as the Grand Canyon or more than less synchronous.

Over the many decades of my individual evolution, I may look back to see how my own use of language has evolved. I readily see how my own use of language evolved from the simple to the complex. It was a K2 climb straight up to overcome the vast level of ignorance that was constantly demonstrated and programmed into me by parents, extended family, teachers and peers.

Fortune Beyond My Full Comprehension…

I am fortunate beyond anything I fully comprehend. It is humbling to see where I came from—the profound ignorance of a Hoosier farm boy—to my present ever-momentarily evolving use of language—ever-momentarily revealing and deepening.

All that I feel led to do in building the Spiritual Training Courses site, and in public, flows from an ever-increasing desire to share with you, and as many others, as possible, a meaningful legacy of thought-word-constructs, which may add to your own intellectual and evolutionary soul-growth.

The Training Starts with An Introduction to Terminologies

As my own use of language has ever been evolving, I spontaneously have evolved a few “coined” modifications of common words, which convey a clearer meaning than the standard and accepted lexicon definition.

There are stories behind the coining of some of these words. One example is the word, “death.” I spent a considerable period removing this word from my vocabulary. I now use the word “death” intentionally, only when it serves a desired outcome in conversation. What did I replace it with?

  • …cessation of cellular existence…
  • …the exit from the bio-suit…
  • …the transition from material to semi-material reality…
  • …the re-animation of the evolutionary soul from the 3rd universe reality-level to the 2nd universe reality-level.

The Starting Point in Your Spiritual Training Courses Journey

And there are many others, which I encourage you to start with, here, in a slide-show presentation. This slide-show presentation is Free to all levels of Membership.

Any time you are not sure of the meaning I am ascribing to one of the uniquely coined words in the training, you may always readily refer back to the Introduction to Terminologies, which will be updated, from time to time.