graceful meaning

Graceful Meaning

Maintaining Poise in Temporary Defeat

by Timothy Ray Walls

Grace In Defeat

There is an art in defeat which noble souls always acquire; you must know how to lose cheerfully; you must be fearless of disappointment. Never hesitate to admit failure.
-The Urantia Book

Growing Older Gracefully

Perhaps it was due to all of the disharmony in the lives of everyone connected to me which caused me to think deeply about living by the principle of growing older gracefully. I look back to see now that I was fortunate in being the keen observer and questioner, as I watched the lives of dad, mom, stepmom, grandma, brothers, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins and peers growing older disgracefully–lacking harmony–full of tragedies–disease and early death.

While I could not stop their self-depredation and self-degradation, I intuitively knew that I could learn from their mistakes–their character deficiencies and stubborn refusal to accept their hue-man flaws and take action to self-correct, self-control, self-direct and self-master.

Of course, it would require far more experience–far more sincerity with myself and many more decisions before I would eventually come to understand how my own character deficiencies were a mind-mirror reflection of this early negative programming received into this bio-suit connection to spirit-mind.

It would also require the spiritual courage to face myself directly in the mirror of mind and stop overreacting to my own obvious character deficiencies. This would necessitate the unplanned tragedy of watching my personal relationships to spouse, children and close friends shatter into a myriad of pieces around my feet–knowing these relationships would never be the same, again.

During such great personal crises what typically occurs is either the individual (being weak-willed) takes his or her own life or rises up to embrace the higher self–the soul-conscious self and choose to work at correcting the character deficiencies, practice the daily exercising of self-control, direct the whole self towards the indwelling divine thought-leader and strive for the mastery of self.

The mortal self, during the period of 26-29 years of age, became deeply angered, finger-pointing and teetering on the edge of the abyss, wanting to go down that rabbit hole and leave the mortal experience behind. This is the assumed “easy way out” chosen by so many, whose mortal life path experience was and is cut short by their own puerile decisions and actions.

We learn through our ignorance, affectation, puerile and thoughtless decisions and actions.

Assuming is the mother of all screw ups and personal tragedies.

-Timothy Ray Walls

From the age of 29, forward, I remembered this principle evolving out of my early childhood experiences; I desire to grow older gracefully. In the present, I observe waking up each day, enjoying optimal health and vitality, abundant inner peace, joy and gratitude, thanks-giving for all of my experiences across the path of my life. I am ever-momentarily in full realization of the good fortune which has followed me right up to the present.

48:7.11  “Action achieves strength; moderation eventuates in charm.”

-The Urantia Book

What is grace?

• 1. simple elegance or refinement of movement: “she moved through the water with effortless grace” synonyms elegance, stylishness, poise, finesse, charm, … more antonyms stiffness, inelegance
• 2. courteous goodwill: “at least he has the grace to admit his debt to her” synonyms courtesy, courteousness, politeness, manners, good manners, … more antonyms effrontery
• 1. do honor or credit to (someone or something) by one’s presence: “she bowed out from the sport she has graced for two decades” synonyms dignify, distinguish, add distinction to, add dignity to, honor, … more

More Grace in Choosing the Highest Good

Rather than shame…there is great nobility, not in admitting defeat, but in practicing the choosing of the “highest good” for all concerned, over the lesser good which benefits only the self and select others.
Choosing the highest good is the will and way of our Paradise Father. The highest good is love.

You may choose to daily declare:

-Love lights up my life.

–Love lights my way.

—Love is the answer.

Always remember:

You cannot possibly love others without first loving yourself. And this means ever-momentarily choosing the highest good to do to yourself.

The Authentic Self

So many of our fellow beings, worldwide, do not love themselves with a genuine and sincere affection. What our fellow beings need most is to learn to love themselves more. This means choosing positive vibration thoughts over negative ones.

Taking Control of Your Health

As well, it means eating healthy foods and drinking pure water. And the greatest healing of all…arises out of the grace and humility of a self-forgiving and other-forgiving attitude.

Spiritual Transformation

The greatest spiritual transformation arises from ever-momentarily communicating with our Paradise Father’s indwelling spirit-presence—the will of God within our minds. This living connection is our gateway into becoming spiritual beings.

The Willingness to Be Any and All Things…

It is the willingness to be…any and all good, beautiful and true things…great things…in the doing of the will of our Paradise Father and in the way of God—ever-momentarily choosing the highest possible good toward the self and our fellow children of God. And you cannot possibly carry out the way of our Father when your life is full of negativity—lack of love.

Set the Self-serving Ego Aside and Become Service-minded…

How many opportunities for service are missed when you are ever-momentarily focused upon the self—your problems, challenges, concerns, fears, anxieties, worries about past relationships gone bad, worries about possible consequences in the future? When this is your mindset, you will ever-momentarily miss the opportunities–you will not see the needs of fellow children of God; you will not choose to be of unselfish and loving service to them.

Lay Claim to Your Spiritual Inheritance…

Lay claim to the…nobility in living a life of graceful inner peace, joy and equipoise (inner balance). Lay claim to all of the riches, both spiritual and material, which are yours for the asking–unleashing your creativity. Be humble and graceful in temporary self-defeat—picking yourself up—shaking off the dust when you fall down…standing upright and embracing the challenges again without interruption on the path to spiritualization ahead.


P.S. I am, indeed, living gracefully. You can, too. The training I provide through the corresponding Membership Levels is, in fact, the Fast Track to the greater meaning of your life and the goal of attaining to a state of grace–inner peace, joy, love, and spiritual freedom.

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